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Posted on Tue, Nov 29 2005
The Ngwa Association of New Jersey, Inc. (NANJ) is a non profit organization, organized exclusively for charitable, cultural, and educational purposes.

The objectives of NANJ are:

  1. To unify the Ngwa Community in New Jersey.
  2. To promote the welfare of Ngwa people.
  3. To embark on investments as approved by the association.
  4. To effectively represent New Jersey Ngwa Community in the All-Ngwa Association proceedings.
  5. To promote Ngwa Culture and traditions to the youth of Ngwa Association of New Jersey.

We appreciate your support and welcome your commitment. Please contact us here

Make a donation, Make a difference!
Posted on Sat, Aug 25 2007
Your support is critical. We have initiatives that make a difference. We encourage you to take a minute and show your support by making an easy online paypal donation now. Together we can keep the hope alive!
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Posted on Tue, Nov 29 2005
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Posted on Fri, Aug 24 2007

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