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    Our Mission and Vision

    Mission Statement:

    To expand the pursuit of a better quality of life, liberty and happiness, the right and hope of all humanity but especially for indigent and underprivileged families in Ngwa Land.

    Towards this mission, NANJ Inc. is focused on the following areas:

    1. Provide safe drinking water to communities that needed it most.
    2. Provide financial and educational assistance for communities' development efforts.
    3. Support Ngwa Cultural activities that will help enhance cultural development of our youth.
    4. Support health care mission in Ngwa land with emphasis on reducing the incidence of tuberculosis, aids, malaria, infant mortality and preventative care treatment.
    5. Support community sports competition that will encourage the youngsters to excel in their athletic endeavors.

    Vision Statement:

    Ngwa Association of New Jersey, Inc. will continue to strive in providing humanitarian services to the poor and deprived families in Ngwa land. As a non-profit organization, NANJ will develop a strategic plan that will geared towards raising funds internally and externally to support impoverished communities in Ngwa land.

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