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    A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization

    Ngwa Association of New Jersey is a chapter in our umbrella Organization, NNAUSA (National Ngwa Association USA, Inc.) She draws her members from the Central and Northern parts of the beautiful state popularly known as Garden State.

    Presently we have a membership population of over hundred (100) who are highly committed, devoted motivated to embrace the cause and aspirations of the organization. The executive strives daily to articulate the best way to direct the affairs and keep the members focused on our main objective: mutual support of members and extension of much needed help to our kiths and kin back home in Ala Ngwa.

    Ngwa Association of New Jersey which proudly known as NANJ, has empanelled several committees to address issues that are dear to her. Our fundraising/Grant committee successfully organized two fundraising events in 2005 and 2007 for development purposes. We netted reasonable sums in both events. In 2005 NANJ gave $ 13,000.00 to 13 Schools in 13 community villages back Home for SCHOOL REHABILITATION. The target of our next fundraising organized in June 2007, is the provision of PORTABLE DRINKING WATER. This we hope to commence immediately once the implementation committee is inaugurated. This we hope will help combat such water borne diseases that have come to plague our loved ones back home.


    A Group of NANJ Women with their beautiful customized Uniform

    Internally, we have continued to grow and mature. High degree of respect and mutual understanding exists among members and between the executive and the membership. Our elders have continued to remain solidly behind the executive and the plans it originates because of the wise and reasonable
    nature of such plans.

    Our women were able to launch a uniform that differentiate them as NANJ chapter women helping to boost their moral. Our children were provided with the usual NANJ yellow T-shirts of which they are very proud of and grateful to parents. They attend our monthly meetings and observe the practice of our fathers, traditions and even drawing their white friends to some of our functions. With a plan as stable as this and a system that carries everybody along, NANJ is prepared the challenges of the 21st century with expectations of great success.

    (NANJ PRESIDENT 2007) 

    Christopher Onwuasoanya.
     (NANJ President)


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